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Liver Disorders or Hepatology in Gurgaon

Liver Disorders or Hepatology

Hepatology is a branch of medicine concerned with the study, prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases that affect the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas. The term hepatology is derived from the Greek words “hepatikos” and “logia,” which mean liver and study, respectively.

Liver disorders are the domain of a gastroenterologist and should be managed by a trained gastroenterologist. DrZubin Dev Sharma has a keen interest in management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma or Liver Cancer. He is adept at providing comprehensive care for patients with Liver Disorders.

Hepatitis affects millions of individuals globally and is associated with several poor outcomes including liver transplant and liver cancer. In particular, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are major causes of liver cancer, while alcohol abuse has been linked to conditions such as cirrhosis and other serious complications. The conditions hepatologists deal with most frequently are viral hepatitis and alcohol-related liver disease.
Some of the most common ailments that are assessed, diagnosed and managed by a hepatologist include:

  • • Diseases of the liver related to excess alcohol consumption, including fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • • Viral hepatitis infections (hepatitis A, B, C and E). Over two billion individuals have been infected with hepatitis B at some point and around 350 million people are persistent carriers. With widespread vaccination and blood screening, the incidence of hepatitis B has significantly decreased. However, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are accountable for up to 80% of liver cancer cases.
  • • Drug overdose, particularly paracetamol overdose
  • • Jaundice
  • • Gastrointestinal bleeding caused by portal hypertension linked to liver injury
  • • Enzyme defects causing liver enlargement in children, also known of as liver storage diseases
  • • Some tropical infections such as hydatid cyst, kala-azar or schistosomiasis
  • • Liver transplantation
  • • Liver cancer
  • • Genetic and metabolic liver disease
  • • Pancreatitis, usually when caused by alcohol consumption or gallstones
  • • Drug metabolism
  • • Damage to the pancreas or biliary tract caused by infection, cancer, alcohol, bleeding or obstruction.
Liver Disorders or Hepatology in Gurgaon
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