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Pancreatic Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon

Pancreatic Cancer Specialist

If you are looking for the Pancreatic Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon . Pancreatic cancer begins when abnormal cells in the pancreas grow and divide out of control and form a tumour. The pancreas is a gland located deep in the abdomen, between the stomach and the spine. It makes enzymes that help digestion and hormones that control blood sugar levels.

Organs, like the pancreas, are made up of cells. Normally, cells divide to form new cells as the body needs them. When cells get old, they die, and new cells take their place. Sometimes this process breaks. New cells form when the body does not need them, or old cells do not die. The extra cells may form a mass of tissue called a tumour. Some tumours are benign. This means they are abnormal but cannot invade other parts of the body.

A malignant tumour is called cancer. The cells grow out of control and can spread to other tissues and organs. Even when cancer spreads to other areas of the body, it is still called pancreatic cancer if that is where it started. Pancreatic cancer often spreads to the liver, abdominal wall, lungs, bones and/or lymph nodes.

Dr Zubin Dev Sharma is the best Pancreatic Cancer treatment in Gurgaon. Pancreatic cancer is a very complex operation but he is best in his work that is why he is considered as best pancreatic cancer specialist in Gurgaon.

Pancreatic Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon
Best Pancreatic Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon
Top Pancreatic Cancer Specialist in Gurgaon